My name is Bond, Chiam-See Bond

I always like to imitate James Bond favourite tag. But I change the James to Chiam-See……

This is a memorable show for me. Not that it is nice, but this is the first movie I watch in a foreign country. I watch this movie when I was in Thailand with my wife. It has been years since we last went to the movies together. Is it 6 years? That is really a long time.

The cinema that we visited in Siam Paragon is awesome. This makes any cinema in Singapore looks tiny (not sure about Vivo City though).

I will try to write a blog entry about my trip but have not decided where to write it; Multiply or MSN.

This Bond movie is more down to earth. It does not have so many special gadget like missiles from his car or watches that emit laser. The overall show is ok, not spectacular. However, I do admit the actor for the character James Bond is cool. Though he may not be as charismatic as Pierce Brosnan, but he really acted well.

The start of the movie is action pack and no over-exaggerated tools are used. Though I do admit falling down from great height and able to continue chasing after the terrorist is unbelievable.

I try not describe too much about the movie so as not to spoil your mood. Overall, nice show and is worth watching.


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