Bangkok 20th Nov to 23rd Nov 2006

It is a wonderful trip. The companionship of my wife makes the trip worthwhile.
Day 1
I am going to miss my second son so much that before going to the airport, I printed photos at those DIY kiosk (cost me S$2!!!! for 4 small photos). At 12:30pm, I put my son to bed and by 1:15pm, we set off for the airport.
I told myself my job there is to eat, sleep, shop and get fat.
Upon reaching the airport, we check in our luggage and went for a meal in Mcdonalds.
Then we enter the gate and to my surprise, I did not see any plane. We are taking a flight by Jetstar so delay is expected but this is the FIRST time that I experience a flight delay. The plane finally arrived and after cleaning up the plane, we start boarding it. When the plane finally start to reverse, we are so happy. But the plane stop at the taxi and won’t move. We can see other plane ahead of us also waiting for their turn to take off.
Our plane suddenly start going forward but to the other end of the runway. There are other planes following us.
The SQ plane ahead of us start to take off and we are next in line.
When the plane engine start to ram up, it died down fast too and then start to travel to the other side of the runway. I start to get impatient and the captain start speaking to us through the PA system. He informed us tha the CAAS keeps telling them to change runway and for sure he is going to complain to the CAAS. He urge us to do the same. Hahahha….
Finally the plane too off and we start to turn here and there in the sky.
I wonder if the pilot is an ex-F16 pilot as the climb is quite steep. Then we fly directly into thick clouds and the plane start to shake. I thought we are going to crash.
When the plane touch down on BKK airport, we rush to immigration hope to get clearance fast. We were wrong. Long queue ahead of us and we spend 15 mins on it.
The new airport is like a budget terminal or worse. I do not know whether is the airport still under construction. The metal ceiling is filled with spider web and it is kind of depressing. Hey, it is a new airport!!!
We went to the taxi booth and told the hotel we are going. The staff gave me a blank look and I am thinking “Shit”. I showed them the hotel’s address in English and he ask around who knows it. My thought is “big shit”. I later shows him the hotel’s address in Thai language. The staff still go around and ask who knows it. My thought is “Really die liao. What hotel have I chosen!!” The staff finally found us a cab and instruct the driver where to go. After boarding the cab, to my horror, the cab driver ask us where we are going. My face changed. I start to worried whether will the cab driver drive us to Cambodia. I told him “Silom Serene”. To my surprise, he said “Silom Serene? Silom Soi 3 then.” Ahhhhh. I was relieved.
After stuck in the traffic jam for 30mins, we finally reach our hotel and start to process our check in. Before I board the plane, I actually wrote in a travel forum is this hotel good. My god, nothing good came out of it. Everyone is saying how bad the hotel is, like “small rooms, smelly rooms, lousy bathroom, dirty bathtub etc.” I am quite disappointed because the reason I book this hotel is that in other travel sites, there are praise about it. I have requested for a non-smoking room and the staff told me that all non-smoking room has been booked. they will give us a smoking room instead. I am disappointed and I told myself to brace myself for any nicotine smell.
Well, things are not that bad. The room is ok and there is no smell. After settling down in 10 mins, we start our journey. The first stop is the Erwin Shrine or commonly known as the Four Face Buddha. After praying to the Buddha, I proceed to Isetan which is just diagonally across the road. After my wife buy the things she need, we then go to Big C supermarket across the road. there we bought all our snacks, cup noodles, children clothes and other stuff we need. By the time we complete, it is already 10pm and head back to the hotel to rest.
Day 2
Our ultimate destination; Sampeng Market. This is a place where they sell toys, stationery, gifts in wholesale price. Of course, if you buy in small quantity, they will charge you more.
In half a day, we bought pencils, correction tapes (do you know that correction fluid is ban in schools?), books, eraser and others. My wife has been aiming for those soft toys (Clover will go crazy if she is there) but I refuse to buy any of them. After spending a bomb, we went back to the hotel as there are too many stuff to carry.
After taking a break in the hotel, we proceed to Siam Paragon. Wow. This shopping center is for those high end people; imagine they are even selling Ferrari in the shopping mall!!!!! The size of this shopping center is equivalent to Suntec if not bigger. It is more spacious and roomy and I believe my kids will like it as they can run around. Though it is cater for those high end people, I still manage to get something there. No, nothing expensive. Just a S$8 shirt for my kids. Hahaha. I saw a CD by Matsu Takako that I like too but it will set me back S$17.50. I reluctantly give it up.
We then proceed to MBK to eat mango and buy some local stuff. We just spend a few hours there and left. At night, we went to Chinatown to have seafood. We ordered Tom Yam soup, mussels and crab meat. My wife can almost finished all the Tom Yam soup. After dinner, we went back to Big C supermarket to get more stuff. When it is time to go back, we grab some food form the road side; Oyster omelette and Siew Mai. The omelette taste nice but the Siew Mai yucks.
Day 3
As expected, my wife wanted to go back to Sampeng market to see is there anything she wants to get. This time she really wanted to get the soft toys. Despite my greatest effort to say no, she finally has her way. She bought a Doraemon cusion stool, a Doraemon bag and Mickey and Minnie. She later buy more toys for my kids. After satisfying her retail therapy, we headed back to the hotel. This is when I mention to her that we are running out of money. She then said we will not be spending much so S$50 will be sufficient. I give her a blank stare. Knowing her for 15 years, I know which of her words can be trusted.
In the afternoon, we went back to Siam Paragon to watch a movie. Passing by a BTS station, I exchange S$150 worth of THB. We then proceed to buy tickets and let me tell you, the cinema in Siam Paragon is fantastic. Even the box office lobby is the size of 5 5-room HDB flat. The cinema screen is big and the seats are comfortable.
Before the show start, the cinema broadcast a short clip about their King. Thailand’s King birthday is in December. When the film is played, all people in the cinema stood up. The Thai people showed great respect for their King. Many people wear yellow during this period as yellow is the royal colour. We stood up too as a show of respect.
After the show, we loiter in Siam Paragon and I keep asking my wife to go to Sukhumvit. She keep saying no and I wonder why. Finally we arrive at the CD shop again. I finally understand my wife wanted me to buy the CD by Matsu Takako. Well, I finally bought it and yes, it is a decision that I did not regret.
We then proceed to Sukhumvit. It is just a roadside market with lots of tourist. When we are at Asoke BTS station, we saw this bakery shop called Yamazaki. This brand is endorsed by my admired person Matsu Takako. So I just bought a Cocoa cookies and my wife has just finished half of it in one go.
We then proceed to Sukhumvit and nothing much is see there. But we did venture into an area filled with Middle East restauraunt. Also, there are some bars and prostitute by the roadside. I was once approach by a bar girl and I was so afraid that I ran off.
We ended the trip with just a tray of mango. In the hotel, we finished it and my wife said “We should get another cushion stool for the kid.” With these words, I know the itineary for the next day.
Day 4
Sampeng market again. This is the day we fly out of BKK. We rush down to the market and quickly grab what we wanted. Remember the S$150 I have changed? 80% has been wiped out. We also manage to find BKK Otah. The Otah is indeed delicious.
This final trip, we bought another Doraemon cushion stool, two Disney Cars soft toys and some more toys for the kids. We bought so many things that we need to buy 2 additional bags to cater for the stuff.
We then took a cab back to the hotel. Just our luck that we took a cab that does not know his way. He keeps making wrong turn and a 20min journey become a 40min one. I was so mad but I can see that the driver is quite apolegetic. He even make an illegal U turn and was caught by the traffic police! In the end, the trip cost us 100% more than usual but I still tip him. I am kind, am I?
We finally check out at 12:15pm. We came with one bag.
And we are back with 7 (one of them is on the bed.) The Mickey Mouse and Pooh bag is bought at Sampeng for S$17!!!!
Reaching the new airport is a breeze. The new airport is impressive and it is really huge. This is totally different when we arrived. We did not eat any ice cream for this trip so I go and find one. It is really nice. Yum Yum.
As usual, the plane is late again. So we got delayed by about 30mins.
When I reach home, I saw my second son lying on the floor watching tv. I called out his name and he smiled at me. I went in the house and the first thing I do is to hug him. He cried when I hug him and I really miss him so much. I told my wife I am not going to leave them again. Either one of us stay or we will not separate the brothers again.
Enjoyable: Yes.
Eat: No.
Get Fat: No.
Sleep: No.
Shopping: Yes
We shop so much that we did not take more photos. This is  agreat disappointment to me as my wife and I hardly take photos together now. We also shop so much that we have no energy to eat. We usually buy fast food and bring back to the hotel. Also, I also discover that I do miss my eldest son too.
I look forward to another trip again with my wife but I wonder when will we ever have the chance with the kids around.

9 thoughts on “Bangkok 20th Nov to 23rd Nov 2006

  1. Clover,
    Almost yearly. But most of the time is with my friend. Someone have to stay back at home to take care of the kids! Do not expect any branded toys. Most toys are made in China and soft toys character are limited to a few only.

  2. Since you do not leave down your name, I do not know who you are so I can\’t address you appropriately. Sorry about that. Sampeng is actually in Chinatown. It operate only in the day and will be close by evening. The best time to go is during the early weekday morning as there are fewer people. Try to avoid weekends or you will regret it. 

  3. hehe.. eventually i manage to add a comment here ^^
    well, besides the one in Multiply that you might delete later (err.. i didn\’t expect that :p), i also want to say: You really had a great trip!

  4. Me? I can say that this is the trip I bought the most things for myself.
    1. 1 pair of socks. My socks has been totally worn out. So the moment I bought it, I threw my old one away.
    2. 1 x CD.
    3. 2 shorts for home wear
    I think that\’s all.

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