Christmas Party – 30th Nov 2006

This is my 3rd year with the company. I have never stayed in a company so long and this is my 3rd Xmas outing with the company.
This year, we went to Mount Faber and Sentosa. We took a cable car ride from Mount faber to Sentosa. Unfortunately, I need to bring my son to see a doctor in the morning so I went for the ride alone in the late morning.
In Sentosa, we went for rides and view the attractions. It has been 3 and a half years since I last went to Sentosa. As usual, it is like a big studio crap. Do you know what Sentosa means?
Expensive &
But having friends around kill the boredom.
We have a creative photo competition and surprisingly we won the 1st prize! Below is the photo that was selected.
In the evening, we retreat to Mount Fabter Glass Bar for our dinner. We have games there too and one of them is pinning the tail. Strange, seems like someone miss the mark and pin on my backside instead.
There is a snow show at 8pm and we discovered the snow is actually foam. Maybe even it is soap foam actually. I went back home soon after that as I still need to take care of my kids.
Nice one though tired. 🙂

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