My first portable video player

I am a supporter ot the Minidisc (MD) format. I never like portable MP3 player, especially those from Apple. To me, mp3 music is like music without soul. The music has been ripped off of their high and low frequencies. Though I am no expert, but I just feel strange listening to MP3. However, I must admit that they are easy to handle and unlike minidisc, you just need to carry the player around with your songs.
Despite these, I still like MD. However, I have one gripe. It cannot display Asian fonts. Imagine my Japanese song title appears garbage. This got worse when my friend in Sabah keeps introducing me new Japanese song/music.
I finally snap. I tell myself I am going to get a MP3 player. After some research. I narrow down to iRiver Clix 4GB. However, this model is not available in Singapore due to licensing issue. My search then goes on until I bump into this website. I am surprised by the support shown by users from other countries about Creative MP3 player. My first mp3 player is actually a Creative MuVo 1.5GB. I got it free from my ISP promotion. It is a total crap and I sold it off just after 1 month.
I am really hesitant about buying a Creative product. Other than Sound Blaster, I do not know what other decent things they can produce. I browse around and landed in the Zen Vision:M forum. Though there are issues feedback by the users about this product on and off, overall, the users are still happy about it. I do not see this kind of support about Creative products in my home country here in Singapore.
I finally took the plunge. Since I cannot afford a brand new unit, I got one from Yahoo Auction at S$300. It comes with the wall charger, the AV cables, screen protector and the remaining 8 months warranty. Though the unit is green, but it does not look that bad after all.
Another factor that prompt me to look into Creative product is that CEO Sim Wong Hoo has made a generous donation of S$20m to the charity. He also gives $1,000 each to employees attending Christmas party. All this while, despite his uphill battle against Apple, he is still generous not only to his staff, but also to charity, arts, education and elderly.
After playing the player for a while, I feel that it do produce decent sound. How I wish it has X-Fi built in!! The video quality is good. I have a friend that has a iPod Video and she can never upload a full length movie. For me, I just copy the file to the player and it can be played immediately.
Now I see Creative in a different light. I will give their product a chance the next time I need a MP3 player.

2 thoughts on “My first portable video player

  1. hah…..u make me feel like throwing my old creative muvo away 😛 ….. actually creative product isn\’t that bad lar…..i\’m the supporter of creative.
    i like mp3 player due to their size and convenience. to me it is a must have item on the road, or on the trek 🙂

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