The Grinch

Our company has a small Chinese New Year celebration last Friday. In the event, I was labelled as a Grinch. I understand why they said that though it is not a compliment.
I told my colleagues that I don’t really enjoy Christmas and Chinese New Year. When Christmas comes, I will tune to the radio Chinese station to avoid the Christmas carols. When Chinese New Year comes, I will do the same. I prefer to stay at home rather than doing all the Chinese New Year visit.
This year, my 1st day of Chinese New Year was spend staying at home. Only exceptioin is to bring my family out for dinner in Compasspoint. I really enjoy shopping during these 2 days because 99% of the shops are closed!!!! The human traffic is so low that I can stroll slowly and my kids can run about without worrying that they will knock on someone.
Today, I just visited my eldest brother and send my mother in law off to Beijing. To me, the best way to spend the Chinese New Year is to stay at home, listen to some nice music, drinking some nice choclate and reading a book on history or geography.
No, I don’t have any grudges against festivals. But I just don’t have the mood. I don’t even bother to decorate my house for CNY. I did not even give ang pow to my sons even though I have prepared it!!!!
But I know this must change. If this will to go on, my sons will slowly lose their roots. So maybe I will start decorating my house next year.
Tomorrow will most probably be a stay at home day. I do hope my mindset will change towards CNY. However, this CNY thing is getting too material. One of my indian colleague once commented, "India is such a big country. But we will meet and make friends when we travel along the way. In Singapore, even though the country is so small and dense, but everyone seems to be like strangers."
I have changed. Maybe the stress of life has made me more boring. But I always tell myself I am not in the worse situation. There will be someone more worse off than me. So I should be glad for whatever things I have now.
Anyway, "猪" 你新年快乐!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “The Grinch

  1. Happy Chinese New Year. 祝心想事成! Decoration the house not so important. Most important give ur sons angbao next year. Feastive seasons sometimes are depend how you going to spend the days. I think it is good for family gathering, friends gathering enjoying the holidays.  

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