Malaysia Trip 28/03/07 ~ 02/04/07

Day 1
We almost missed our bus to Genting Highland. Almost all taxi drivers I spoke to told me that it is easy to get a cab at 7am. But on that day, I can’t even get a cab through booking! Finally I got one but he turn up late. In the end, we manage to flag a cab by the road.
Just I thought everything would go smoothly then, I got stuck in the traffic. My bus leave at 8am and I am still in CTE at 7:30am. I start to get worried. But fortunaely, we reached there at 7:48am and I rush to confirm our seats. We book for a 26 seater bus but we were instead ushered to a premium double deck bus.
We set off at 8am sharp. Throughout the journey, Boon Hui is sitting beside me and he behaved well.
After 6 hours of journey, we reached Genting and with all the luggages, we slowly walk our way to Theme Park Hotel. This is the only hotel with a Family Suite with 2 Queen Size bed. It took us quite a while to walk from Firstl World Hotel Bus Terminal to the hotel. We also spend some effort looking for the hotel. When we reach the room, our Suite is really just 2 Queen size bed and one toilet. This room is really nothing compared to the family suite we have when we are in Hong Kong. Well, maybe such rooms are really cater more for a gambling family.
My main aim to go to Genting is to let the kids to have some fun and also enjoy the natural aircon that nature can provide. However, to my disappointment, the weather is not so cool as before. I believe mainly is due to the deforestation in the area.
After settling down for a while, we move out to the indoor theme park. Well, the rides are pretty expensive but I will still try to satisfy my children’s request.
Boon Hui and Boon How each have their favourite rides. For Boon How, it is the bumper car and for Boon Hui, it is the train ride. Even food is expensive there. For our first meal, we just have KFC there and the chicken really taste better than the frozen KFC chicken in Singapore!
Boon How has been pestering me to let him play bowling after he has been playing with those bowling toys at home. Since it is pretty affordable in Genting where a game cost RM$6, we played 2 games. It is pretty fun actually when most of our balls went into the “longkang”.
We went back to the hotel at around 8pm.
Day 2
We start again the next day at 9am. After letting the kids play a while more in the indoor theme park, we pack up and set off to KL. I actually wanted to take a cab down from genting to KL that cost us RM$70. However, my wife said she wanted the kids to experience the Genting Skyway. I was thinking it should be ok and the cab from the mid highland should be cheaper compared to the starting point in Genting. So after a tired journey from the hotel to the Skyway station, we bought 3 tickets that cost us RM$15. When we reach the other station, I was shocked that the drivers are charging us RM$80!!! Damn. I have no choice but to agree.
The trip to KL is smooth. We stayed at the same hotel when we are in KL in 2005. Boulevard Hotel. What attracts me about this hotel? You guess………… It is the rain shower head!!!! hahahahahha
After we check in, we just spend time resting and roam around Mid Valley Mega Mall, which is connected to the hotel.
Day 3
This is the most important day. It is the day that we will visit one of my relatives, my aunt. We have been close since my childhood days. Many times she wanted me to be her god-son, but I simply refuse.
After spending more time roaming at the mall, we have breakfast and lunch there. We then went to the hotel taxi counter to catch a cab. We specifically ask the hotel to find us someone who knows the way. After some time, they found one and I thought we are in good hands.
As my aunt stay in the suburb area, it took us almost 30mins to reach the area. Upon reaching there, he start to turn circles. Despite the effort he spend asking around, he still could not find his way. The taxi driver finally ask me to call my aunt using his cellphone. After my aunt explained to him, he still turn circles. I am positive by sheer luck that he turned to a road that I recognised. I then guide him the way and we finally reach after 45mins!! and the cab fare cost us RM$26!!!
The time with my aunt is great. Though it is only 3 hours, but the feeling is great. By 3pm, my kids start to feel cranky and I know it is time to go. We have a hard time getting a taxi there but by some luck and events, we got one and headed back to the hotel.
Day 4
Today, we are going to the ultimate place; Sungei Wang. The heaven for pirated DVDs and CDs. It is a worrying day for me too. I calculate how much money I have left before setting off. When we reach there, we thought we went to the wrong building. All the shops selling pirated stuff are gone. I am saved!!!!!!  However, we still manage to spend about RM$250. We bought some DVDs, some very old Japanese drama and anime DVDs.
We have lunch at Sungei Wang. We ate at one of the local eating outlets and we ordered noodles. The noodle taste strange as it may not suit our taste. Nevertheless, we still appreciate the local Malaysian food. We then proceed to Berjaya Times Square. It is another shopping mall and it bore me quite fast.
We went back to the hotel and I know my kids has been eyeing one of the mega playground there. It will cost us some money. Since we did not spend much on DVDs, I agree to my wife request. Though the kids are obviously tired, but their eyes lit up once they know that they are able to play at the playground. I have to follow Boon Hui around as some obstacles are too much for him. The maze in the playground tire me out pretty fast. No wonder RM$21 for unlimited time per entry. If the parent can only last 60mins in the playground, they will be earning big bucks. We left the playground after 75mins.
By night fall, Boon Hui start to fall sick. He become vranky and have difficulty in sleeping well. But I doubt any one of us is sleeping well for the past 3 nights in KL as we cramp ourselves into 1 King size bed!!
Day 5
Our bus leaves at 11am. So we will have to set off latest 10am from the hotel. We book a MPV for our journey to the bus terminal. I try to let my family experience first class coaches but there is not fanciful about it. I stiill saw one “小强” crawling behing my seat.
As Boon Hui is sick, he sleep through most of the journey which make my life easier.
We reach Singapore at about 4pm and we reach home aboutn 5pm. By 7pm, we set off to bring Boon Hui ti see a Pediatrician as he is running a high fever.
The trip is good. Though it is tought carrying 5 person luggages, diapers and waters walking around. It is the family time and the smile on the kids face that matters.

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