Hello Bali!!

I am in Changi International Airport now on my way to Bali and will be boarding the plane in 30mins. The event location has been changed from Club Med to Hard Rock Hotel.
Though I have an uneasy feeling about this trip but I still go to satisfy the company commitment to our vendor.
Something interesting happen when I check in.
As I am taking SQ to Bali and Garuda back to Singapore, the attendant at the check-in counter smile vanish when she discovered that I am on a one way ticket to Bali. As the 5th Annivesary of the Bali bombing has just over, I can understand the staff concern. She ask me politely how long am I going to stay in Bali. I replied I will be back from Bali on Friday via Garuda Airlines.
I am glad I am not being misunderstood for any unwholesome passenger with an ill-intent.
Wish me luck on my flight back on Garuda and see all of you on Friday!!!

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