Moral arguments are a luxury that healthy people indulge in before misfortune befalls them.

Recently, there is some hot debate about the court where 2 Indonesians was charge with selling their kidney to Singaporeans.

Newspaper and the rest of the media are flooded with views about how immoral or how despicable are those Singaporeans that buy organs from the poor.

I do not support or neither am I against organ trading. For me, sometimes it is if we can’t do the right thing, then let’s do the thing right.

I once spoke to a well-known fashion designer in Singapore. We were having dinner together and he spoke about his recent trip to India to source for fabric. He visited a factory and they made wonderful fabric of high quality. Any designer would recognise the quality and will not hesitate to buy. There is one catch. The factory is filled with child labours. Though the designer knows that it is morally wrong to purchase any product made from child labour, but as more than 30% the country population is living in poverty, if nobody buy their products, the factory will have to close shop and the kids will be left out of work! They will be instead wondering in the streets and risk of being human-traffic to another place.

So, by working in the factory, the kids get a job. He can contribute to the family income. The factory owner get cheap labour. He can sell his products at a competitve price. The buyer can purchase the product at a competitive price too. So everyone is happy. So what’s the problem?

I am not supporting child labour. I sympathise them but there is nothing much we could do.

We always try to be noble to judge what is right or who is wrong. But before we have the complete picture, I think it is better for us to keep our mouth shut and observe what is actually going on. That’s why we are born with 2 eyes, 2 ears and 1 mouth.

Those who says that organ trading is unethical, wait till you or your loved one have such misfortune befall on them, then you let us know about your views. A person need more courage to die than to live. Look into their eyes and say "Sorry dear, I know you need an organ, but I cannot betray my principles in order to save you." where there is an organ lying there on the table that can be transplant into your loved ones.

I read an article in the Sunday Times today. I like the writer phrase it, "Moral arguments are a luxury that healthy people indulge in before misfortune befalls them."

I am a cancer patient, for those of you who are not aware about this. If I need an organ transplant to keep my life, I would do it. I would go to great lengths to buy an organ to keep me alive. Remember, you are not only responsible to the society, but also to your family. Once you have a family, you have lost the right to die cause you will need to take care of your kids till they grow up.

One day I may be too poor to feed my family and I may even resort selling my organs for money.

Never say never.


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