Bangkok – June & July 2008

It is just so nice to be home.
This trip is mainly for training and it ended on Friday. So I extended 2 days and initially intend to fly back on Sunday 11am flight. But loneliness is killing me so I changed my flight to 8am. First flight out of BKK!!
I have been to BKK twice within 5 weeks. I extended my trip is for the sake of buying stuff for my family. I seized this opportunity to explore those places that I have not been in BKK by myself. I will just summarize the places where I have been to for both trips. Most of the pictures are taken by my pathetic 2MP handphone camera.
I stayed in Landmark Hotel which is provided by the vendor. A pretty nice place despite being a 20 year old hotel.
The course ended on Friday and I have to move to another place to stay. It is just too expensive to stay in Landmark Hotel as it cost about THB3650 (S$152 ) per night!
I check into a backpacker hotstel, Suk11. This hostel is very popular on the Internet and I got myself a room with a private bathroom at only THB600 (S$25) per night!!
Actually, this is my first time staying in a backpacker hostel. I am actually quite worried that I may not get used to it. Well, it did not turn out bad.
That evening, I went to Victory Monument. Heard about it many times but never been there before. Below are the scene from there.
It is really heavy human traffic. If not careful, can easily get “molested”. Hahahha. They do sell some interesting things over there. LIke the one below,
I saw one of the stalls selling this. I just got to enlarge it to show it you.
I bought one of them to try and it is really yummy.
I later went to Siam Paragon just to walk around. I am also thinking of watching the movie “Red Cliff” but it is in Thai language. Sigh….. For those who are rich, this is really the place to be.
See what they are selling here in a shopping mall!!!
They used to only sell only Lamborghini. Now they even have Ferrari and Lotus. Impressive.
When I am going back to the hostel, the area has come alive. Guess what I see?
Yes, an elephant!! The handler asking tourist to buy bananas from him to feed the elephant. Though it is a nice to have such an experience, but I do pity the elephant. They should not be in this urban jungle.
In the vicinity of the hostel, there is a popular bar call Cheap Charlie where most of the patrons need to stand.
The next day I go to Bobae Tower in the afternoon which is a garment wholesale place. I am too tired after going to Yaowarat in the morning. So I did not take any picstures except one.
Any shopaholic would love this place. I almost fainted walking between rows of shops. I then proceed to Big C supermarket across Central World. After renovations, the place look a lot nicer than before.
In the night, I went to Thong Lo. Another place that I have yet to explore. I went there mainly for their Mango with glutinous rice. Below is the scene from Thong Lo.
See the picture on the right. On the right, there is a shop on the right with 2 lights. They only sell papya salad and they survive by different types of papaya salad. Cool huh?
I then tried the Mango with glutinous rice from one of the 2 stores. It was yummy. It is 100x better than the one I have in MBK. Costing THB70 (S$3) but it is money well spend. The mango is so sweet and juicy. The rice is nice with a sprinkle of “I do no know what”.
Don’t think that she has a small store and she can’t make money. She is busy all the while when I am there. Her orders are non-stop!
I then take a walk along Sukhumvit before I turn on I saw another elephant. Poor elephant.
By the time, it is already quite late and most of the money changer has closed. But I saw one mobile money exchange in a van. I was thinking this is really a cool idea where you are the one and only money changer in the whole tourist street. Everybody will come to you for service.
And I guess which bank is so smart. When I walk closer…………. It is actually a Singapore bank!
I then turn back to the hostel and sit in the lobby with my bag of mango which I bought just outside the hotel. They only allow eating in the lobby. So I just snap away some photos.
That’s the lobby of the hostel.
That’s the fridge where tennants can buy a bottle of water for THB6. All we need to do is to grad the bottle and put the money in the green box above the fridge.
Left the hostel at 5am today. After immigration, wanted to grab something to eat so I chose the cheapest one.
You believe the above is from Burger King? Seems like OEM from some one else. I then wanted to grab something to drink. Something special. I saw a cafe. Nothing special. Just like any cafe.
Until I see this,
Well, I have never done any good in my life. So might as well give them some support. The end product is quite nice actually. Choclate Ice Blended slush… yummy.
Some other interesting pictures from my trip in June.
Some yummy food,
Siam Paragon Cinema. Their box office lobby can make any Singapore cinema look so tiny.
A market in Sukhumvit Soi 23 that is frequented by Japanese.
Central World at night. There used to have live band in front of it. Now it is gone and is so much quieter now.
Some yummies from BKK.
We use cashless way to collect ERP. BKK use the cashless way to collect toilet entrance fees.
Our favourite store to buy local produce.
Ever seen a ice cream that will not fall off even if it is inverted?
Ok, this is what we found in MBK!!

5 thoughts on “Bangkok – June & July 2008

  1. wondering the hostel hv air-con?!?!
    i really take my hat off that u can switch fm a 4 star hotel to a hostel w the mattress dont look good to me…
    gd shot! 

  2. They do have air con but I doubt you can get use to it. No TV, no bath tub, no lift and almost everything is made of wood. You even need to bring your own padlock for added security!!!

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