Bangkok 7th Jan ~ 9th Jan 2009

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This is how much we try to cover within 2 and a half days. In the above map, hotels, shopping malls and markets were marked. In the end, we only achieve about 70% of it only. It is really very tiring. We also go to supermarkets located in the suburb to look for biscuits that my kids like.

We landed in Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Airport at 0830hrs taking Jetstar Asia. With S$160 per ticket, it is really a steal. The plane leave on schedule and I slept all the way there. That is the best self-entertainment in a budget airline.

DSCF8822 DSCF8823

Upon getting our luggage, we straight off to Bobae Tower. Bobae Tower is a wholesale place for garments. The lower floors cater more to retail and the above more to wholesale. Some of the clothes for infant and toddler is really nice. Women will love this place too. The amount of clothes available will make you dizzy. But please remember, they mainly cater to wholesale so you will need to ask them whether do they sell in individual pieces. We got some clothes for our kids there.

DSCF8824 DSCF8825

Around noon, we go to Wellington Optical shop in Silom Complex to get a pair of prescription glasses for my wife. This shop is recommended by one of the forum users and since it is near to our hotel, we just give is a try. Due to my wife’s requirement, it is actually difficult to get a pair of glasses for her locally. But to my surprise, she can get a few choices there! The lady in the shop patiently test my wife’s eyesight and show her the frames that may suit her. After some negotiation, we settled the glasses for THB5600. The cost is actually quite similar or cheaper to what I can get locally, but as I have mentioned that since she can get the frame she wanted, I just go ahead with it. We are scheduled to collect it on the day we left Bangkok. I also asked about glasses wit Transition lenses and to my surprise that can commit it to be ready by Friday too. Other optical shops that I went needed 1 week.

This noodle opposite our hotel is heavily recommended. Unfortunately, when every time we wanted to have a meal there, it is always pack with customers. Damn.

DSCF8834 DSCF8835

We then walk across Silom Road to get to our hotel. This hotel is recommended by one of my friends. When booking our hotel, I negotiate the rate from THB2400 per night to THB1800. Since we are checking out on the 6pm, they charge us a half-day rate of THB900. The hotel is decent and basic It is also very near to Saladaeng BTS and Silom MRT. Note that there are no windows! Breakfast is very simple. If you are unsatisfied, you can always go to a nearby restaurant or eating outlet for some great Thai food.

DSCF8832 DSCF8884

DSCF8836 DSCF8837

DSCF8886 DSCF8888

In the afternoon, we went to Erwan Shrine for prayers and went to Big C supermarket Chitlom. Then we went we went to Victory Monument for a walk. In the afternoon, it is more quiet but come at night, the whole place will be filled with life. The street vendors will come out in full force and really jam pack with people.

DSCF8838 DSCF8839

We then proceed to Emporium in Phrom Phong to get something. Since we know what we wanted, we make a quick stop there and go for dinner.

We have dinner at Thong Lo. We found a shop that sell Phad Thai and Oyster. It was really yummy and though the shop is not filled with people, but the cook did not stop cooking. People keep coming for take-away and I can even see a Japanese that stop by and order her food fluently. We then walk over to the opposite side for mango with glutinous rice. Wooooooooow…. It taste so good and there are actually a few stalls there recommended. One of them sell good porridge and the the other good desserts. There is also a popular noodle stall there.

DSCF8844 DSCF8848

DSCF8849  DSCF8851

DSCF8859 DSCF8853

Our final stop for the day is On Nut Lotus Tesco Supermarket. My wife and me have a weird habit. We like to visit the supermarkets to see what locals buy or eat so we can try them too.


There is a night market opposite the supermarket. We went there before going to Tesco supermarket. The place is good to walk and the things they sell can be quite interesting too.

DSCF8860 DSCF8863

DSCF8864  DSCF8867

After some shopping in Tesco, we headed back to the hotel for a rest. While we still feel hungry, I bought McDonalds Spicy Wings. You may feel strange that going to a foreign land to eat junk food. Well, I agree with you but the meat we have it here are all frozen and the chicken in Thailand must be farmed because it taste so much better.

The next day is a hectic day too. The first stop is our favorite market, Chinatown.  Instead of taking a cab there usually, I decided to try to take the river boat. I have been to Bangkok so may times and really wanted to try to take the river taxi but just could not find time. This time, my wish has finally been fulfilled.

We took a BTS train to Saphan Taksin station and take the boat there. The wave is quite strong and the water is splashing all over the side of the boat. Fortunately, the boat operator has put a tr

ansparent shield to protect us from the water. We disembark at Rachavongse Pier and walk towards Chinatown. I expected a distance of 500m but I think we just walked 200m before reaching it. I believe this will be my favorite way to go to Chinatown in the future.

DSCF8900 DSCF8913

DSCF8908  DSCF8897

As usual, we shop for toys and stationery for the kids. Unfortunately, we did not manage to catch sight of any food peddlers selling Otah. Also, it seems like everyone receive their stock shipment on Thursday. So next time I will try to avoid Thursday going to Chinatown.

With hands full of our purchase, we headed back to the hotel by taxi. In the afternoon, we went to the famous Platinum Mall. This is really a shopping heaven for all women. With the hundreds of small shop selling mostly women clothes, every women will be spoilt for choice. We then proceed next to Pratunam Center. There we have our first foot massage in Bangkok. The massage is better than expected and it only cost me THB129 for an hour!

DSCF8922 DSCF8923

With an empty stomach now, we decide to go to Chinatown for a good meal. However, it is 6pm and the traffic is congested. Many taxis do not want to go to Chinatown. In the end, a tuk tuk driver approach us and offer us THB100 for a trip to Chinatown. Knowing my wife is hungry, I said THB80. Even with THB80, I feel the trip is expensive. The driver counter offer THB90. However, I stand firm and he give in to THB80. This is the first tuk tuk experience and she said she will try to avoid it in the future due to the pollution and safety concern.


The meal we have in Chinatown is awesome. The oyster omelette, tom yum soup and crab dish is superb. My wife practically finish every drop of the soup. The damage is THB560 and seems like the coca cola and rice is free.

DSCF8929 DSCF8930

DSCF8931 DSCF8936

We later have shark fin’s soup though I am not a supporter of it. I was wondering are the shark fin’s authentic since I am thinking there can’t be so many shark fin’s going around the world! I was even told that the shark fin’s in Chinatown small establishment are fake. Well, I just give it a try.


We did not manage to buy sufficient biscuits (a specific type) for my kids. So my wife decided to venture out a little to other Tesco and Big C supermarkets. We decided to try the Tesco hypermart near to National Stadium BTS. There we visited a market for fresh produce and was impressed by what hey sell there. My wife bought some you tiao to eat as it was her favorite. Look at eh colour of the oil used for cooking the food? No wonder we always say “Those food that is healthy will not taste good, those we are sinful always taste best!”

DSCF8949 DSCF8948

DSCF8953 DSCF8951

Since we cannot find what we have in this branch, we then proceed to a Big C hypermart located near Sapan Kwai. Sadly, we still can’t find what we want. We then take the MRT from Mo Chit and try our last stop; a Tesco Hypermart in Phra Ram 9. BINGO!!! We got what we wanted and my wife bought about 30 tins. I almost fainted when I know it.

Imagine lugging all the biscuit back to the hotel taking the MRT. After resting a while in the hotel, we went to Siam Soi 4 for lunch. We went to this little restaurant called Inter. It looks like a small  coffee shop (in my local context). As usual, we ordered Pad Thai and tom yum. It is sad that we only know these two food only. I believe there are other good food in Bangkok like green curry etc. Next time maybe.

Then we went for desserts. We found a store that sell mango only related desserts. We ordered a mango salsa and it taste yummy! Lastly, we went to Siam Paragon for a Swensen ice cream before we head back for the hotel to pack our remaining stuff.

DSCF8960 DSCF8961

DSCF8975 DSCF8978

With all the great food and people, chaotic traffic and politics, with unarmed citizens taking over an international airport, Thailand never fail to amaze me.

Photos can be viewed here.


5 thoughts on “Bangkok 7th Jan ~ 9th Jan 2009

  1. So shiok! Can go travelling without the kids…Me and Steven can never leave without the kids. I always love thai food and your pictures really make my mouth waters!!!Last holiday we did not travel, we used the budget to give our house a new "face lift" instead 🙂

  2. You give your house a face life is even better then holiday. Reason is a face lift can be shared by everyone. Travel is only both of us. Also, this trip is actually a birthday gift for my wife. What to do? Neglected her most of the time while working. Hardly a good hubby or father. So now try to make up loh.

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