Bintan Lagoon Resort 6th Mar ~ 7th Mar 2009

No no no. This is not another holiday. I am not that rich. There is a seminar organized by our vendor and the venue is in Bintan and I was send there as an attendee.

Despite Bintan is one of the places frequented by our countrymen, this is the first time I have set foot on it.

The resort is located in Bintan, Indonesia.


The rooms we have has just been renovated so all the things inside looks pretty new. However, due to the tropical landscape of the resort, I found ants in the room. This explains the existence of the insect spray found in the wardrobe. The floor is lay with tiles which I do not understand. Later I figured out this may due to the sand brought in by the tenants when they come back from the beach. With a tiled floor, it is easier to clean compared to carpet floors.

I hardly go to a resort so I cannot comment how good is it. But it does give me a good feel.

Like any other resort, everything is costly. A breakfast buffet will down you by S$24++ and a massage will set you S$99! However, a massage in the room will cost you S$60 for an hour. According to my friends, both massages are quite good especially the room massage.

The beach definitely looks better than the one we have in Singapore. It is cleaner and the sea looks so much more appealing.

Unfortunately, due to the high cost, I doubt I can ever bring my family here or to any beach resort.

All photos taken using Sony Ericsson C902 5MP phone


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