Michael Jackson 1958 ~ 2009

An icon that I have grown up with has passed away yesterday.

I remembered the first song that I heard from MJ is "Beat It". It has entered as a Grammy Award nominee and won it. I was only about 13 then. Then it came Billie Jean, Thriller, Black and White, Heal the World etc. All these songs that I grew up with are still in my mind. However, in addition to the songs that I like when he just make it big in the pop scene, I also like the songs like Ben, Rock with You, Human Nature and One Day in Your Life.

Though he has become weird over the years, but I still must admit that he is a natural born dancer. His dance steps are smooth and flawless. Before all those boy band’s synchronize dancing, MJ has already started it (though I must admit Bollywood started even earlier!). You can watch it in the MTV of "Beat It" and "Smooth Criminal" to see for yourself. Compared to the boy band dance moves, MJ is unbeatable.

If he remains as when he is in the 80s without "bleaching" himself and all those plastic jobs, I believe things will not turn out as bad as now. With millions dollars in debt and all the scandals, his career is indeed stained.

Nevertheless like someone said, he is irreplaceable. MJ should be remembered for his songs and talent and not those senseless scandals.

Despite all the tainted episodes in his life and now that he is dead, he has indeed become an invincible legend now.


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