Malaysia – Pulau Dayang – 23rd ~ 25th August 2013

I have recently visited Pulau Dayang in West Malaysia before the authorities raise the diver’s fee to RM200 per day per diver.

We left the dive center at around 1930hrs. We encounter heavy traffic after crossing the causeway. By the time we reach Mersing, it is already almost midnight. We quickly board the ferry but due to the change in restriction in the capacity of the boat, the boat maximum capacity has been reduced from 30 passenger to 12 passenger.

I do not know that a boat capacity can be reduced for some unknown reason even if the weather is good.

The boat set off shortly and we reach Pulau Dayang at around 0405hrs. We check in quickly to catch up some needed sleep as our first dive will be around 0900hrs.

I will not go into details about the dive trip as I am there for my Advance Adventurer course.

Pulau Dayang is a very idyllic island. There are a few resort there but I think they are open only during the weekends for the weekend divers.

Sunrise in Pulau Dayang
Sunrise in Pulau Dayang
Idyllic Beach
Idyllic Beach
The resort we are staying
The resort we are staying
The place where we have our free flow of yummy food!
The place where we have our free flow of yummy food!

Some (lousy) underwater shots I took. We did 5 dives on the first day which includes one night dive. I was dead tired by the end of the 5th dive. On Sunday, we took a morning dive before we set off back to Mersing at around 1000hrs.

Our instructor Alex is a nice instructor but strict. He share with us about his knowledge and what are the things we should look out for especially in Navigation and Search.

P1000451 P1000462 P1000464 P1000467 P1000470 P1000480 P1000481 P1000508P1000511We also paid a visit to the neighbouring island of Pulau Aur.

P1000498 P1000513 P1000515 P1000516 P1000517 P1000519 P1000520 P1000522 P1000524 P1000525 P1000526 P1000527 P1000528 P1000531Some more pictures of Pulau Dayang.

P1000434 P1000435 P1000440 P1000443Though I must say this is not really an unforgettable trip because I was feeling cranky for almost the whole trip and the visibility of the water is poor. I still feel that it is a worthwhile trip.

It is a pity that because of greed, they raise the diver’s fee. However, what I am concern is that livelihood of the residents there. The divers arrival must be one of the most money generating avenue for them but with RM200 per day per diver, I wonder who will want to dive there?

What I really miss the food there!


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