Bangkok – 19th September ~ 21st September 2013

A crazy tour with a friend, D. My friend’s objective is just to shop and for me, just to replenish some of the stuff we need at home and to grab some bargains.

We went Bobae, Chinatown and some of my favourite supermarkets.

WP_20130919_018We will not let their wholesale market off!

WP_20130919_008and of course we eat those wonderful Thai food.

WP_20130919_005 WP_20130919_006We stayed in a small little cozy hotel though the hotel reservation screwed up the booking again resulting we have a double bed instead of a twin and pay more for it!

WP_20130919_015 WP_20130919_016 WP_20130921_003WP_20130921_004WP_20130921_005I loiter around in Bangkok.

WP_20130921_011and the most memorable part of my trip is this picture.

WP_20130921_012I was trying to take a a picture of the shopping mall while a big dump truck pull up with workers. The workers saw me and start laughing. I was embarrassed and wanted to walk off but I decided to not to. Instead, I took a photo of them and wave at them. Surprisingly, they wave back and smile. Talk about friendly Thais!

They really make my day.

I also noticed that Bangkok changes every time we visited her. I almost could not recognise her.

We went there empty handed and this is what we return with!

WP_20130921_030 WP_20130921_031We need to charter a big car at THB900 to bring us to the airport. The hotel staff are shock at the sight of our luggage.

WP_20130921_032A little drama happened in Don Muang airport but both of us go back satisfied.

Thank to our friend Jirapan for all the hospitality she has shown us.

I really miss Bangkok.


11 thoughts on “Bangkok – 19th September ~ 21st September 2013

      1. 记得啊……我还在等啊。只是你很孤寒,都不要买给人家。还一直在哪里炫耀。讨厌。我还在等待哦……朋友

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