Don’t Cry For Me, Singapore


I believe this will be what Mr Lee Kuan Yew will say to us in his grave.

He ask not to be thank. He has given up his life for Singapore.

I was born in the 70s. By the time I attend Primary school, It is already the late 70s.

I have not encounter any racial riots nor did I encounter any massive labour strike. I am lucky.

However I do remember Singapore then.

We are progressing and we are progressing fast. By the late 80s, I could not even recognise Orchard Road compared to it in the late 70s.

Mr Lee has put Singapore on the world map. From Changi Airport to one of the most efficient sea port. We have it all. Our neighbouring countries envy us. They said our government has no corruption and our city is clean.

During the recession in the 80s, my Malaysian relatives even said Singaporeans walk with their heads held high compared to the Malaysians with their head looking down to the ground.

I do not understand why there are some people who is so critical of Mr Lee despite his achievements. I believe over the years, he do realise that he has made some mistake in some of his policies but he believe he has made the right decision during that moment of time based on the information he knows and situation.

It is not easy to govern a country. It involves million of lives. Mr Lee cannot please everyone but he always have Singapore at heart.

When we are separated from Malaysia, we have virtually nothing. We have no oil, no large mass of land, no military to speak of and a lowly educated workforce. However we do have people. That is our only natural resource we have.

Mr Lee geared up the people’s spirit. He make the Singapore people to believe in him and his team that they can improve Singapore.

Fast forward to now and look around you.

How many countries in this world where you can walk feeling safe in the wee hours?

How many countries in this world where you have a good transport system (I do admit we are not the best we are are still the better ones in the region).

How many countries in this world that you have just need to turn on the tap and you have drinkable water?

How many countries in this world that you have electricity 24 hours a day?

I believe you can name a few cities that has all these but remember, we are only a small island and have almost nothing!

I used to be like other Singaporean. We complain a lot. We complain to every single thing we can find and we conveniently blame it on the government.

When we visited cities like Hong Kong, Taipei, Bangkok, Tokyo, Seoul etc. We always envy their city. We always look out for the things that they have and we do not have.

It was only when I visited Philippines, I start to appreciate and be thankful for what my country has.

I learn to appreciate the things that we have rather than complain about the things we don’t have.

Without Mr Lee, I can’t imagine how will Singapore be like in 2015.

Though he has been less active in politics and governing the country recently. However he lay down the foundation of Singapore. It is now depending the new leaders to carry on Mr Lee’s hard work.

So please do not cry for Mr Lee. Instead celebrate his life, his achievements and his sacrifice for Singapore.

Without him, there will not Singapore.

Thank you Mr Lee. You will forever be miss.

*Do understand that Singaporeans is thankful for Mr Lee and his team for their efforts but they are not happy with the current government though they are from the same political party.

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