Nepal Earthquake 2015

A few days ago, I am still planning my Nepal trip for 2016. I have even discussed with my wife and have decided on the date.

Never expect an earthquake will to rock the country on the 25th April.

As I write now, more than 2000 people has been killed.

Nepal Earthquake 2015_1Source

I am disappointed that I am not able to visit Nepal due to the air incident in March 2015.

However my disappointment cannot be compared to the lives lost and the hundreds if not thousands of trekkers and tourist stranded in Nepal now.

Some of the historical sites that attract visitors are now gone for good. It really break my heart to see all the pictures of all the destroyed heritage building.

Nepal Earthquake 2015_2Source

Roads and treks are damaged. These may take months or even years to repair due to the remoteness of some places.

This couldn’t happen at a worst time where one year ago that Nepal suffered one of the worst avalanche in Everest.

Langtang Village which is my original plan to visit this year has been destroyed as I read from the internet.

I hope Nepal will rise again and I will try to visit next year if the situation permits.

It is my little tiny bit effort to contribute to the tourism in Nepal and indirectly contribute to the daily livelihood of a Nepali.

Nepal, I wish you well and I really hope we will have a chance to meet.


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