Thailand – Bangkok – 14th ~ 17th July 2016

This should be the worst BKK trip I ever have. I hope it will never happen again!

I will not write this report according to chronological order as I have visited the same places. So I will write only the highlights of the trip.

The Flight

We took AirAsia and the it is a scary flight (not the pilots’ fault).

Just minutes after took off, the flight ran into some really bad turbulence. We can feel that the plane sway left and right and also sudden rise and drop in altitude.

Some of the passengers were praying and a few even shouted.

The pilot make a steep climb and bring us out of the turbulence and the remaining flight is smooth.

True Move

When I land in DMK, I usually buy my SIM card from True Move. With THB299 and 1GB to 1.5GB, it is quite a reasonable deal.

This time, we were told that they have a data only plan that cost THB200 with 1GB of data. We all sign up for this.

However the staff subscribe us to a 90MB data plan with THB150 credit. As we rush for time, we did not check and quickly board the airport transfer.

By the time we discover it, it is too late.

Some of the True Move staff is also very unprofessional and one even flirt with other colleagues in front of us!

One of the staff even do a reset of my friend’s hand phone look and feel.

So just be aware!

Hotel – Sukumvit Galleria 10

This hotel by Compass Hospitality is located in Sukhumvit area, smack right in the middle between Nana and Asoke BTS stations.

From the main Sukhumvit Road, you will need to walk about 5 to 7 mins to the hotel. The hotel do provides a tuk tuk service to the main road.

The walk from the Soi to the hotel is a little dark. The stairs are not very well-lit so please be cautious when walking down especially at night.


Within the vicinity of the hotel, there is no convenient store. There are one massage and one hairdresser shop just a few steps walk away from the hotel.


At night, the walk from the main road to the hotel can be quite dark but overall I still feel safe. It seems is also a taxi call stand near to the hotel. I do not know are they legitimate or not but I have friends engaging their service and all is well.

We book standard room for us but due to the high occupancy, there are no standard room left. So they upgrade some of us to Club room but without the perks.

I was assigned to a Club room and each room seems to have a “theme”. My room is red and it looks sleazy. To be honest, it looks like a brothel.


The room size is good and all facilities are functioning well. There is a universal plug at the working table so if you forgot to bring the adapter, you still can charge your gadgets.

There is a safe in the room and the water pressure is good.

The hotel staff is also friendly and the housekeeping staff also perform their job well.

Chinatown (Yaowarat)

This is a must visit place for me when I come to BKK and I have written about Yaowarat many times. The wholesale place and the almost quarterly changing stuff they sell attracts me. Not to mention the nice food either in the morning or at night.

Remember many taxi drivers refuse to come to Yaowarat due to the traffic condition. Also do not tell the taxi Chinatown as most of hem know this place as Yaowarat.

So the easier way to reach there is either by boat or by MRT and my preferred method is the boat. Search for my past post on how to get there.

Taking a boat to Rachawongse pier (N5) from Saphan Taksin pier is easy. Just do not board the tourist boat as it is expensive.


Rachawongse pier has been improvised and the pier looks newer.


The things that the market sell has so much variety that you will be lost.


When comes to food, you have many to choose from. One work of caution though. If you want to try the street food, do not come on Monday as I heard there are no street stalls on Monday.


We had our dinner at our usual T&K restaurant. Food is ok but I am eager to try other restaurants in Yaowarat too. So if you have any recommendations, please do let me know.


Fishing Village

One of the highlights of our trip is a visit to the fishing village located in Samut songkram, Khlong Cone. We engaged the service of Nan from Thailand Secret Tour to organise our trip.

We were pick up at 0730hrs and the van driver drive like there is no tomorrow or maybe we are not used to travelling in Thailand’s highway.

We reach the fishing village in 90mins.

The village itself is very simple with a few houses within the compound.


We are brief by the head of the community on the history and significance of the mangrove.


The village prepare the food and prepare to be transported to the Krateng.


The boat travel along the river towards the Gulf of Thailand. Along the way, we stop by to feed the monkeys.


The monkeys are very excited when they saw us stopping and start to gather at the bank of the river.


The boatmen gave us a bag of potatoes and we threw at them. The monkeys quickly snatch the food and some of our friends throw the potatoes near to the boat.

The monkeys actually swim near to the boat and freak some of us out.

After feeding the monkeys, we continue our journey to the open sea.



We were brought to see an Oyster farm and how they are being breed. There are actually shrimp and cockles farm too!

dsc04188 dsc04195

The reason for having a stilt house within the farm is to let the staff to stay overnight there so to prevent theft in the middle of the night.

We then proceed to lunch which is pre-cook at the village.

The boatman brought us to a stilt house for lunch. We will have to climb a ladder to reach it and it is definitely not for the faint heart and maybe even the seniors.



The floor is entirely made with bamboo and I would advise you to wear shoes as there may be small nails poking out.


The boatmen brought the food up and start to prepare for us.

We just get a piece of wood plank and lay it down to serve it as a table. The food have Tom Yum, mussels, fish, squid, prawns etc.


It is indeed a unique experience and enjoying the sea breeze while eating is really enjoyable.

After lunch is where the problem start. I start to feel unwell and my stomach is having a typhoon inside. I thought it might be the Tom Yum is a little spicy and my tummy cannot take it.

Never expect this turn out to be the worst part of the trip.

Though there are toilet facilities in the stilt house but it is very basic and do not even expect an automatic flush system.

Leaving the stilt house is the same way as we go up. We have to climb down the stairs.

After climbing down the same “stairs”, we move on to the next activity which is mangrove planting.

Just like my school days, I am not paying attention when the guide is telling us what we are planting. All I hear is “took 9 years to grow”.

The boatman drive us to the mangrove and we are given a bunch of plants to plant. These plants need 9 years to be full-grown and will help in the rehabilitation of the mangrove swamp.

We were told that the mud is good for skin texture and some of the people or even beauty shop took the mud from this place and give people facial treatment.

One of our friends than happily apply on her legs and hand and we remind her that the monkeys also do their “business” at the same place too.

The next activity is to let us try wake boarding. Out of nowhere, when we are in the open water, a boat appear with a board. This board is not the usual wake boarding you see. It is a self-made board and you can actually stand on it and the boat will pull you.


Some of our friends tried it and it looks quite fun and some of them even done it like a pro.

After we have all the fun we need, we finally travel back to the village.

Other usual attractions we went to are like Chinatown, Terminal 21, Ratchada train market etc. I have covered them in my other trip reports so I will not cover them again.

It is overall a nice trip though I have a very bad food poisoning there (that’s the worst part). I just take it as my bad luck but I will not let it spoil the trip. Another advice is that I initially took some charcoal pills to stop my food poisoning but it does not work. Therefore I suggest you to ask the pharmacy for some real medicine.

I will definitely be back soon again.







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